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Marti Magna Caran d'Ache In the Making

So my absolute favorite product right now are the wax color pastel pencils from Caran d'Ache they're a wax pastel but I call them a "color stick" my favorite thing about them is that they are created with excellent fade resistant properties.

Caran d'Ache a swiss company and manufacturer of the neocolor pencils or color sticks

I've seen them referred to as "color crayons" or "pastel crayons" but I wouldn't dare call them a crayon.

So yes they do look like crayons but they're far from it -  no insult to crayons but this would give the impression that neocolor's can be used by anyone of any age for any project which in deed they can be BUT the reality is that a kinder-gardener wouldn't appreciate their smooth luxurious texture when applying or how they can be used like watercolor paint.

Wax Pastel crayons or color sticks by Caran d'Ache travel box or kit

I use the Neocolor ll, they're fantastic for creating intense solid color and unlike the Neocolor l they can be reactivated by water once dry.  Or I can apply wet and get the watercolor component which is one of the reasons I'm so enamored with them because of their versatility.

Another great quality about neocolor ll is that the company creates them with excellent fade resistant properties which is the one characteristic I look for in the products I used to create my illustrations or paintings because I create with the intent that the collector buying my work will have it for a lifetime.

this 2018 holiday or Christmas packaging for caran d'ache watercolor pastels

On a side note I'm a huge believer and proponent for keeping our earth clean and green so when I took a peek at the Caran d'Ache website and discovered that they are an environmentally conscientious company. After reading that I can say I beyond thrilled to be able to use their products.    Love them.



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