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Turquoise Mermaid

Marti Magna In the Making mermaid watercolor

When I paint I get lost in all the little details of my creation and totally loose track of time But I'm always so proud of each painting when it's finished.   Most of the time I almost feel like I've brought that painting to life. 
Please disregard the lighting in this behind the scene pic of one of my recent commissioned paintings... this is "Turquoise Mermaid". 

white background and the outline of hair of a mermaid the mermaid is dressed in turquoise and holds the outline of a turtle

My client adores mermaids and really likes turtles so this was the perfect mermaid for her.  
Turquoise Mermaid is one of my most recent commissioned paintings...
I just had to leave her in my studio to dry for an extra day because I just thought she was so adorable and of course I was looking forward to sending her to owner but she also put a smile on my face every time I looked at her.   
After she dried I sprayed her with a protective varnish, left the varnish to dry and I then typed up her Certification of Authenticity so that she would be ready to go to her new home.  
The most rewarding thing about being an Artist is when your client is absolutely enamored with their piece.  My wonderful client said the same thing about her mermaid that I did... She puts a smile on my face every time I look at her" that alone is so very rewarding. 
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