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My Daily Illustrations

Marti Magna gouache hand drawn illustration watercolor

I start each day by doing a warm up illustration or painting so I thought I would share them here with you while I tell you about my favorite media.

Gouache and watercolor are two of my absolute favorite lately. 

art for licensing, illustration of little girl in dotted outfit and scarf

I'm solely painting with gouache and watercolor because I've finally figured out that gouache resembles the acrylics in that they're opaque but it's their fluid like texture that I find is what I really like.  

daily illustration hand drawn kitty's in a space ship

I've heard people say that watercolor is hard to manipulate therefore hard to paint with because it's fluid like consistency however I personally find it easy to control primarily with the "barrier" the first layer of paint provides.  Watercolor used to annoy me because I don't have a lot of patience and in order to intensify color you need to work in layers and adding to those layers only when the first layer has dried.  But this is why gouache is my new favorite because I use either or as well as simultaneously.  

There are mediums that can be added to acrylic paint that will help give it that fluid-like texture but that's whats so nice about gouache all you need to do is add water.  Acrylic paint just feels thick and very dense to me now which has taken the fun away from painting with acrylics.

daily illustration,

I was asked if I was walking away from Acrylics for good but I don't think so, never say never but for the time being I going to say no.

cute cow and girl illustration, dairy cow drawing not created with a stamp

However at a later point and time I may be inspired to create a large painting with texture in which case the best medium for that would be Acrylics.

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