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Why I switched to watercolor

Marti Magna

Switching to watercolor was totally unintentional.  

In trying to figure out a food allergy my doctor suggested I stop using acrylics just for a couple of weeks to see if it would make a difference.  Some of the acrylic paint colors I use frequently do contain cadmium so I thought okay I'll go along with her suggestion and start working with wax pastels and watercolor for a couple of weeks.

Boho Watercolor floral painting two pink flowers with green leaves

If you read my post in late 2018 my latest obsession  where I talk about how much I like creating with wax pastels and how surprisingly similar they are to standard watercolour paint.

I enjoyed creating with them so much that I started to ask myself why is it that I dislike watercolor paint?  Because I didn't like it at all as a kid.

floral bouquet with blue watercolor flowers and green leaves throughout


So I dug out some watercolor paint and sure enough as soon as I started painting with them I thought this is fun and immediately realized it was nothing like watercolor painting back in the 2nd grade.  It wasn't sloppy and messy as I remember it, my paper wasn't soaked and dripping all over the place then it dawned on me... in the second grade who knows what type of paper we were using to paint with.  I'm also using brushes specifically made for painting with watercolor so of course it's different and it's fun and there aren't so many mediums and steps to prep the canvas and the paint before you can even begin painting.  

Blue and Pink watercolor flowers in a bouquet hand painted by marti magna

So yes, this is my new favorite medium for now, I'll probably get the urge to go back to working with acrylics but for the time being I'm going to enjoy painting with watercolour.


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